Best Hospital in Bangladesh


Apollo Hospital

This hospital is a part of the famous global firm which runs Apollo hospitals in many countries. It is located in Dhaka and accredited by the world class JCI. It has the capacity to have 450 beds and provides medical services in many domains.

As a result of all these well known facts, People from the neighboring cities, villages travel to get high class treatment in this hospital campus using the most modern amenities. It is also frequented by far away travelers and even foreigners which is a proof of its efficiency.

Square Hospital

Located in the middle of Dhaka, this hospital serves patients with number of foreign institutes which work efficiently. It is spread across 18 stories with around 320 beds.

This hospital is known for its modern, yet affordable facilities. Latest medical equipments and technologies are made available at quick notice along with the staff required, so that the diagnosis as well as the treatment becomes easier and life saving for general public.

Best Hospital in Bangladesh

Labaid Hospital

One of the very famous hospitals run by the Labaid Group, this has created a revolution in cardiac treatment in Bangladesh. It is located in Dhaka with specialized facilities to treat various kinds of ailments.

This hospital acts as an umbrella, under which many medical services can be found in one place. Thousands of people walk in to this campus every day and walk out with renewed hopes. Experts from various domains work with caring paramedics to provide the best treatment to citizens at better price, so that a healthy and happy community is created.

BSMMU Hospital

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, shorting BSMMU has this attached hospital which is located in Dhaka. This 10 storied building provides a casualty department, along with many specialized treatment centers.

When it comes to deep research and the right solution, this is one of the first hospitals that comes to Bangladeshis’ minds. Many magazines and experts in the field of medical science have analyzed this hospital with detailed reports which is a special pride.

IbnSina Hospital

This hospital was established in the year 1983, in a small mode. Since then, it has grown to the current position providing medical services in many areas, using top class facilities.

Specialty of this hospital is its service attitude which is well respected in Bangladesh as well as the neighboring countries. It has all facilities and expertise required to treat those who are undergoing difficulties, providing them with care and affection. This has created a cultural impact on the society around this hospital.

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Popular Hospital

This is a hospital attached to the “Popular Medical College” in Dhaka. It has a dedicated treatment center as well as a world class lab.

As the name suggests, this is a hospital for the masses and is able to handle the quantity with quality care. It focuses on both illness care as well as the wellness aspects, so that the recurring problems are avoided and the patients go away with a healthy, long term solution to their current problem.

Birdem Hospital

Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, shortly Birdem is a comprehensive health care provider located in the city of Dhaka. It has a long history of serving people with diabetes, later establishing themselves as an all-round player.

This hospital has a global fame for its experienced staff members who are world class experts in their respective fields. As a result, this hospital provides top quality health care at the right price, using all modern facilities and technology, which allows them to detect any problem early and treat it the right way, so that it doesn’t become a life long issue. The hospital focuses on treating the root, not just the symptoms!

Bangladesh Eye Hospital

Established in 2005, this specialized hospital focuses on eye care. It has a 10 storied building with many operation theaters and treatment facilities, providing cost effective solutions to ophthalmic patients.

Eye problems have the potential to disturb regular activities of people of any age. From newborns to senior citizens, this hospital provides eye diagnosis, treatments, and surgery services to hundreds of people at the same time. Any technological advances in medicine field reaches this hospital first and benefits Bangladeshis.

Samorita Hospital Ltd

Since 1984, this hospital has been doing service as one of the very first private hospitals established in this country. With decades of experience in curative care, they have established themselves as the premier healthcare providers.

This hospital specializes in providing affordable health care to everyone, not compromising on the quality. Its staff and facilities are in line with the highest global standards and they are presented to a large set of patients on a regular basis. Modern facilities and tie ups with other organizations and countries are being added frequently to ensure the best service.


Basundhura Hospital

This high class hospital is located in the heart of Dhaka. It has 300 beds and is led by a team of experienced medical specialists, well assisted by a team of paramedics.

With a world class facility and caring staff, this hospital has been serving the nation of Bangladesh for many years. They focus on a complete diagnosis required at any stage of problem, using accurate devices and a careful, dedicated analysis. The care helps the patients in many ways, bringing a great name and fame to this hospital.

Dhaka Medical College

This is one of the oldest hospitals in Bangladesh, established even before the British colonial administrators left this land. Today it provides medical care for various common problems and specialized issues.

As this hospital is linked to a large college campus, constant inflow of students and staff, coupled with all the research findings helps it serve a large number of people easily and at reasonable cost. This is the primary reason for this hospital’s popularity among Bangladeshis. In addition, its facilities serve the dual purpose, learning while helping the public.

CMH Hospital

Combined Military Hospital, CMH in short, is a large healthcare provider in Bangladesh. As the name suggests, it has army links and combined with AFMC (Armed Forced Medical College) of Bangladesh.

Even though the name is linked to army, this is a very useful hospital network being frequented by Bangladeshis of all kinds. It serves diagnosis, treatments, and surgery services to a large population. Its facilities have won the praise and awards from many national and international organizations. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of people vouching for its top quality and well rounded service.



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