Evercare Hospital Dhaka ( Dhaka Branch)

Address: Plot: 81, Block: E, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh

PABX: (02) 8431661- 5

Information Desk: (02)-8431661 Ext: 3333

Admission Desk: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1091 & 2112

Appointment/Serial Phone Number :


(02) 55037242

Hotline: 10678

About Evercare Hospital ( Dhaka Branch)

Bashundhara Residential Area is where the hospital is located.Apollo Hospital was fined 1.6 million dollars in September 2015 for holding illegal medications.Apollo Hospital began offering online appointment and payment services in December 2015.In 2016, the hospital hosted events in Jamuna Future Park to raise awareness about World Heart Day.The institution performed the first successful autologous stem cell transplantation in Bangladesh on March 12, 2016.The hospital’s holding company, STS Holdings, launched roadshows for institutional investors to discuss ambitions to take the hospital public.STS Holding’s main venture, Apolo Dhaka.

On March 3, 2017, Bashundhara security guards injured Shahriar Hasnat Tapu, a North South University student, in a brawl over parking in front of Apollo Hospital.His injuries were treated at Apollo Hospital.

After being sold to the Evercare Group in 2020, the hospital was renamed Evercare Hospital Dhaka.


Emergency Phone Number :

Duty Manager: 01713-064563

Ambulance service contacts number – 01714-090000

PABX : (02) 8431661- 5

Master Health Check : (02) 8431600

HOTLINE: 10678


Mobile: +880 1841276556, +880 1729276556, +880 1195276556

+880 1612276556,+880 1971276556

Fax: +880-2-8401679, 8401161, 8401691

Email: info@apollodhaka.com

Contacts : +880-2-8401661, 8845242,

Vaccination Centre: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1106

Other Useful Numbers :

 Information Desk: (02)-8431661 Ext: 3333

 Admission Desk: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1091 & 2112

Billing Information: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1353

 Pharmacy: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1041

Sample Collection: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1346

 Report Delivery: (02)-8431661 Ext: 1202

Food Village: (02)-8431661 Ext: 6100

Security Control Room: 01755521328

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Available  Department List at Evercare Hospital Dhaka


Accident & Emergency

Blood Bank

Cancer Care Centre


Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

Clinical & Interventional Paediatric Cardiology

Critical Care

Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

Dermatology & Venereology

Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery

Endocrinology & Diabetology


General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Internal Medicine

Joint Care & Wellness Centre

Hematology & Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant

Lab Medicine



Nuclear Medicine



Obstetrics & Gynaecology



Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Paediatric Surgery & Paediatric Urology


Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery


Respiratory Medicine




Available Services at Evercare Hospital Dhaka

24-hour Ambulance services

24-hour diagnostic services

24-hour Blood Bank

Total 425 beds

24-hour Trauma and Emergency Care

OPD with all specialties

9 Operating Rooms

Physical Medicine & RehabilitationCentre

Vaccination Centre

24-hour Pharmacy

Radial Lounge



Department of Accident & Emergency


Dr. Md. Azharul Islam

MBBS, FCPS ( Anaesthesia)

Coordinator & Senior Consultant


Dr. Muhammad Hasan Andalib





Dr. Lutful Aziz

MBBS, PhD (Japan), FCPS

Senior Consultant


Dr. Shyama Prosad Mitra

MBBS, Diploma in Anesthesiology, FCPS Anesthesiology



Dr.Hasina Akhter

MBBS, FCPS (Anaesthesia)



Department of Cardiology


Prof. Dr. A.Q.M. Reza

MBBS, MD (Cardiology)

Coordinator & Senior Consultant


Prof. Dr. A.H.M.Waliul Islam

MBBS, PhD. Card. (Osaka University), FRCP (Glasgow)

Associate Consultant


Prof. (Dr.) Md. Shahabuddin Talukder

MBBS, D.Card. (DU), FCPS (Medicine)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Shams Munwar

MBBS, MRCP (UK), D.Card (London)

Senior Consultant

Prof. Dr. Tamzeed Ahmed


Senior Consultant


Dr. Kazi Atiqur Rahman

MBBS, MD (Cardiology), MRCP (UK)

Senior Consultant


Prof. Dr. Md. Atahar Ali

MBBS, FCPS (Internal Medicine), MD (Cardiology)

Senior Consultant


Department of Critical Care


Prof. Brig Gen (Retd)

MBBS, FCPS (Anaesthesiology)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Md. Zafor Iqbal




Department of Dermatology & Venereology


Prof. (Dr.) Hasibur Rahman

MBBS, FCPS (Dermatology & VD), MRCPS (Glasg.), FACP (USA), FRCP (Edin.)



Dr. Jasmin Manzoor



Dr. Q.M. Mahabub Ullah


Senior Consultant


Dr. Rubaiya Ali

MBBS, Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology, FCPS (Dermatology and Venereology)



Depart of ENT

Dr. Akhil Chandra Biswas

MBBS, MS (Otolaryngology)

Senior Consultant


Dr. A F M Ekramuddaula

MBBS, FCPS (ENT), MS (Otolaryngology)



Department of Internal Medicine


Dr. Borhan Uddin Ahmad


Coordinator & Senior Consultant


Dr. Md. Sadiqul Islam

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Nikhat Shahla Afsar

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)



Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

Senior Consultant


Dr. K.F.M. Ayaz

MBBS, M.Sc. MD (Internal Medicine)



Department of Nephrology


Prof. Dr. Md. Masum Kamal Khan

MBBS (DMC), FCPS (Medicine), MD (Nephrology)

Senior Consultant

Associate Prof. Dr. KBM. Hadiuzzaman

MBBS, MD (Nephrology) (BSMMU)



Dr. Ebadur Rahman

MBBS, FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Ireland), FASN, Specialty Certificate in Nephrology (UK) MRCP (UK), DIM (UK), DNeph (UK), MmedsciNephrology (UK)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Fahmida Begum

MBBS, MD (Nephrology)



Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Prof. (Dr.) Nilufar Sultana




Dr. Mrinal Kumar Sarker


Senior Consultant


Dr. Monowara Begum

MBBS, FCPS (BCPS), MS (Obs./Gynae.)

Coordinator & Senior Consultant


Dr. Gulshan Ara

MBBS, MCPS, MS (Obs./Gynae.), FCPS

Senior Consultant


Dr. Nasrin Zulfiqar




Department of Orthopaedics


Dr. Nandkumar Katakdhond

MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Amit Kapoor




Dr. M. Ali

MBBS, MS (Ortho.)

Coordinator & Senior Consultant


Department of Urology


Dr. ATM Mowlada Chowdhury

MBBS, MS (Urology), FCPS (Surgery), MRCS (Edin), MRCPS (Glasgow)



Dr. Mir Ehteshamul Haque

MBBS, MS (Urology)



Dr. M. Zahid Hasan

MBBS, MS (Urology)

Senior Consultant



Evercare Hospital Chittagong (Branch)



Chittagong’s Evercare Hospital is expected to open a new Branch in Chittagong’s within November-2021.

The Evercare Hospital Chittagong will provide quality, accessible healthcare thanks to its cutting-edge technology and more than 500 world-class medical professionals.



With the Evercare Group poised to open its second hospital in Bangladesh next month, the port city can expect high-quality, low-cost healthcare.



Last year, the Evercare Group, which operates as an integrated healthcare delivery platform in growing markets spanning Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Kenya, and Nigeria, expanded into Bangladesh by purchasing the majority shareholding in STS Holdings, the owner of Apollo Hospital Dhaka.



When the arrangement was completed, the 470-bed hospital in Chittagong’s Ananna Residential Area was already under construction.The transaction’s value has not been revealed.

The Evercare Hospital Chittagong will deliver quality, accessible healthcare to communities in and surrounding the region, according to a statement from the organization. It will be equipped with the newest technology and more than 500 best-in-class medical specialists.



“As the city’s first internationally acclaimed hospital, Evercare Hospital Chittagong will raise the bar for medical care and set the bar for healthcare in the future,” said Massimiliano Colella, Evercare Group’s chief executive officer.

According to Ratnadeep Chaskar, CEO of Evercare Hospital Dhaka, “The Evercare Hospital Chittagong will be built on the strong synergy between leading consultants and physicians, support services, and leading technology at Evercare Hospital Dhaka, and the group will implement these same best practices in Chittagong from inception.”



Chattogram’s multi-disciplinary super-specialty tertiary care hospital has a 24-hour emergency department, state-of-the-art intensive care units, and 27 specialties and subspecialties to fill regional capacity gaps.

The hospital is greater in scale and capacity than its sister hospital, Evercare Hospital Dhaka, which is the only hospital in Bangladesh to get Joint Commission International certification (JCI).



The JCI accreditation and certification program is widely regarded as a global leader in healthcare quality and patient safety.



An Evercare official informed the Dhaka Tribune on condition of anonymity since he is not authorized to communicate with the media that the number of professionals engaged at the hospital will expand to 800 in the following year.

Evercare refuses to reveal the amount of money spent on the hospital’s construction.



Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second-largest city with an estimated population of 8.6 million people, features nine hospitals.



The Imperial Hospital, a 375-bed private hospital equipped with advanced medical equipment, was built at Pahartali in 2019 for roughly Tk 900 crore by the Chittagong Eye Infirmary and Training Complex Trust and the World Bank.

The Evercare Group is owned entirely by The Evercare Health Fund, a $1 billion emerging markets healthcare fund managed by The Rise Fund, the Texas Pacific Group’s impact investment platform.


The company owns 29 hospitals, 16 clinics, 57 diagnostic centers, and two brownfield properties.

Transforming Healthcare:

In emerging markets, the Evercare Group is the leading impact-driven healthcare organization.The Group has 30 hospitals, 16 clinics, and 82 diagnostic centers spread over Southeast Asia and Africa.

About Evercare:

The Evercare Group believes that everyone should have access to healthcare, thus it invests in emerging economies to deliver private, high-quality healthcare to fulfill the requirements of locals.The Group was formed in response to a global challenge to provide well-being to people of all ages in developing nations as a cornerstone for long-term economic success.Through our integrated cross-continental platform, impact-driven model, and quality-driven hospitals and other healthcare facilities, we are leading the way in transforming the traditional healthcare model.

The Evercare Group serves rising markets in Africa and South Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, and Nigeria, as an integrated healthcare delivery platform.We have 30 hospitals, 16 clinics, and 82 diagnostic centers in our portfolio.

We invest in healthcare facilities to actively promote the concept that it is feasible to make a significant social impact while generating measurable and long-term financial rewards.

Our assets – our hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers – help to create healthier populations, increase employment, boost local retention of professional expertise, and reverse out-bound medical tourism trends and spend by filling local, high-quality healthcare capacity gaps and delivering significant societal and economic benefits.

The Group’s investment in hospitals in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, will help alleviate some of the strain caused by outbound medical tourism, which the Nigerian government’s Sovereign Investment Authority estimates is worth more than $1 billion each year.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka is Bangladesh’s sole Joint Commission International Accredited (JCIA) hospital, and a second gigantic Evercare Hospital recently opened in Chattogram, delivering excellent care, diagnostics, and medical capabilities not previously seen in this region of the country.

We own and administer the CARE Hospitals Group in India, as well as the Islamabad Diagnostic Centre (IDC), Pakistan’s largest and most successful diagnostic organization.IDC uses world-class technology and equipment to provide lab services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and to reach out to some of Pakistan’s most remote areas, which has had a good influence on the health of the population.

With 11,000 employees working together to develop a systemic healthcare change across Africa and Southeast Asia, we believe in our people and are proud to be the most diverse healthcare group in the countries where we operate.

Evercare is owned entirely by the Evercare Health Fund, a $1 billion emerging markets healthcare fund managed by TPG’s impact investment platform, The Rise Fund.

Our Vision and Mission


To leave a legacy of patient-centered, accessible, safe, and private healthcare for those who need it.


To be the most comprehensive integrated healthcare network in emerging markets, improving healthcare quality and affecting millions of people.


We are dedicated to providing world-class, private healthcare to all of our patients, and we encourage all of our staff and caregivers to share our values:


Quality: We are dedicated to providing high-quality care to all of our patients.

Integrity : We always do the right thing.

Passion: We are enthusiastic about healthcare, and that shows in the services we give.

Respect: Regardless of our differences and variety, we appreciate each other.

Innovative: We think that by embracing innovation, we can improve our patients’ experiences, promote caregiver engagement, and assure the long-term viability of our company.

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