Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center Houston Texas

Breast cancer, along with more than 265,000 diagnoses of cancer, is responsible for more than 40,000 deaths in the United States each year. Luckily, modern therapies have driven the five-year survival rate of the disease to nearly 90 percent.

Types of breast cancer

Many breast cancers have, historically, been categorized as either ductal or lobular. Lobular carcinomas begin in the milk-producing glands of the breasts, called the lobules. In the cells of the milk ducts that carry milk from the lobules to the nipples, ductal carcinomas start.

Both may be non-invasive, meaning that the diseased cells have not migrated into normal tissue surrounding them. By definition, non-invasive illnesses are early in the growth phase of cancer. Indeed, it is so early for non-invasive lobular carcinoma that it is not yet known as cancer. Instead, it is called a risk factor for cancer and does not even require surgery.

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Both ductal and lobular carcinomas may also be invasive, meaning that the cancer has spread to surrounding tissue outside the lobule or duct where it first began.

Treatments for breast cancer are dependent on many factors, including whether the cancer is ductal or lobular and whether it is invasive or non-invasive.

Another main factor is the molecular receptor status of the cancer cells for invasive breast cancers.

Breast Medical Oncology of Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center

In addition to educating the next generation of doctors, nurses and clinical scientists for cancer research, the department of Breast Medical Oncology has research, patient care, and education and prevention roles for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer.

We aim to understand the biology and progression of breast cancer through basic and translational science along with clinical research programs, bringing new knowledge of disease prevention and treatment into our patient care in the Nellie B. Connally Breast Center.

Vision ofMd Anderson Breast Cancer Center: To be the leading research center for breast cancer by improving cancer prevention research, creating novel therapies based on hypothesis-driven basic / translational / clinical research, and fostering a new generation of researchers in oncology.

Mission ofMd Anderson Breast Cancer Center: to reduce the suffering of patients with breast cancer, offering new insight with the ultimate goal of eliminating breast cancer through research , clinical care, cancer prevention and education and outreach.Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center

Advanced Breast Cancer Clinic

The Advanced Breast Cancer Clinic of MD Anderson (ABC Clinic) provides customized treatment using the most advanced diagnostics and treatments from many of the best breast cancer care providers in the country. It is available to all patients with metastatic breast cancer treated at MD Anderson.Through working to create a hub within MD Anderson that can organize all aspects of treatment for patients with stage IV breast cancer; the program will follow its goal. The program would also aim to finance clinical trials and research. The molecular subtype will establish best practices, guidelines and standards of care for stage IV breast cancer and streamline treatment accordingly.

What is advanced breast cancer?

If breast cancer spreads to other areas of the body, such as the bones, brain, liver or lungs, beyond the breast and surrounding lymph nodes, it is called advanced breast cancer. Other names include breast cancer that is metastatic or stage IV. It is still regarded and treated as breast cancer, even though the disease can be present in other organs.

Many advanced breast cancer cases are not deemed to be curable. It is treated as a chronic condition instead. The purpose of treatment is to extend life and preserve the quality of life of the patient. Numerous metastatic breast cancer patients will live well for years with emerging therapies and treatments.

Why get care from the ABC Clinic?

To provide thorough, organized care, the clinic’s team of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other support staff work together. The new standard therapies are provided by the ABC clinic, many of which originated at MD Anderson as clinical trials.

Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center Houston Texas

In addition, research doctors are currently heading several advanced breast cancer clinical trials. It is not possible to find many of this anywhere else. Members of the clinic team will help patients track these studies and find those that would support each patient. The clinic team will navigate the patient through the application process when an appropriate trial is identified.This involves having the patient apply to the study, addressing the suggested treatment questions, moving the patient to the study, and coordinating care between various teams.

In one of the nation’s top-ranked comprehensive cancer centers, patients also profit from the information and services available. In order to promote their general health and quality of life, the clinic helps patients access these services. Facilities include:

Help services for patients, including advanced breast cancer patient support groups, myCancerConnection, and Pink Ribbon Volunteers.

Health care facilities, such as our Bone Health Clinic, Sleep Center, facilities for gynecology / sexual health, lymphedema rehabilitation, occupational and physical rehabilitation, fatigue control, genetic counseling, pain management, services for internal medicine, psychological / psychiatric care and supportive care.

Educational services, such as our on-site Learning Center, in-person patient education courses, and nutrition therapy.

Screening for clinical trials, including assessment and counseling for relevant potential for investigational therapy.

Resources for therapy, including chaplaincy and social work.

Services in integrative medicine, such as acupuncture, massage, consultations on diet, consultations on fitness and physical activity, meditation, and more.⠀

Cosmetic facilities, including Appearances, a store for breast cancer patients selling wigs, bras and prosthetics; and a beauty / barber shop providing free haircuts, shaves, shampoos, scarves, wigs and hats.

Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center Houston Texas

Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center Houston Texas

Md Anderson Breast Cancer Center Houston Texas

md anderson breast cancer center houston texas

md anderson breast cancer center houston tx