Proton Beam Therapy New York

Proton therapy at a glance: Remarkable accuracy. Power Ultimate. Fewer problems linked to medication.

These are the distinguishing characteristics of the treatment of cancer with proton therapy, an innovative type of radiation treatment that targets and kills cancer tumors without reducing the risk of side effects that are harmful. Proton therapy is an appropriate and uniquely beneficial alternative to conventional radiation for patients with complex cancers, patients with cancers that have returned following previous treatment, and children with cancer.

Patients undergo Pencil Beam Scanning, a highly advanced and reliable form of proton therapy, at the New York Proton Center.

Pencil Beam Scanning uses an extremely narrow beam to “dot” the protons onto the tumor, as the name suggests. Layer by layer, the process is repeated, like paint applied to the tip of an extremely fine brush.

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Proton Beam Therapy New York

Proton Beam Therapy New York

Noteworthy advantages

Pencil Beam Scanning is particularly effective in treating the most daunting tumors because it’s so accurate:

  • The Complex
  • Formed irregularly
  • Wrapped around other houses
  • Difficult-to-access
  • Near to critical brain , spine, head and neck or chest tissues
  • Recurring after previous therapy

The benefits of proton beam therapy are three-fold, regardless of tumor type:

With just a trace, passing through.

Proton beams can be customized to pass to the defined depth in the body, directly to the tumor in this scenario, and then stop. As they reach the body, they emit less radiation, and none at all as they pass through the tumor.

Targeting the tumor, and the tumor then

Pencil beam scanning is able to accurately tailor the doses of radiation to the tumor size and shape. In cancer cells, the radiation is concentrated, with very little danger to the surrounding tissue.

A dosage that is extremely concentrated

Since proton therapy targets the tumor so precisely, with less effects on neighboring tissues, it can provide a much higher and more powerful dose of radiation than traditional X-ray therapy.

Proton Beam Therapy of New York

The first proton-therapy facility in New York State has opened its doors in East Harlem. A consortium of three health care institutions based in New York City, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), Montefiore Health System and Mount Sinai Health System, will begin to send patients to the new center and provide clinical expertise. Back-end business support for the center is supported by ProHEALTH, a multi-specialty health care network.”Kenneth Rosenzweig, MD, professor and system chair of radiation oncology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, said,” This center will not only offer exceptionally high quality of treatment to metro area patients, but will serve as the site of clinical trials that have the potential to greatly change the way we treat cancer. “Their goal is to provide clinical excellence as well as groundbreaking sciences that save lives today and in the future,” he said.

— Kenneth E. Rosenzweig, MD, Professor, System Chair, Radiation Oncology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Around the Proton Center of New York

In East Harlem, this 140,000-square-foot center is located. We offer a workforce of 23 radiation oncologists specialized in proton therapy. The advanced equipment for the treatment includes:

  • Second-generation pencil beam scanning proton therapy that enables optimal care for the most complex tumors
  • Volumetric imaging, which enables doctors to reliably identify and target cancers with millimeter precision.

To ensure a smooth experience, the New York Proton Center’s staff can coordinate treatment with your physicians. We are treating a broad range of conditions at the Middle, including:

  • Tumors in the brain and spine
  • Mammary
  • Cancers in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Cancers of Gynecology
  • Tumors of the Head and Neck
  • Lung and other tumors of the thorax
  • With lymphomas
  • Cancer of the prostate
  • With sarcomas

Proton Beam Therapy New York

Patients will be willing to come to the Recurrent Cancers Care Center. Furthermore, the Proton Center will treat several children who have solid tumors in the New York metro area. We expect that one of the most active proton centers in the world will become the New York Proton Center.

Clinical Studies and research

At the Proton Center, researchers from the three health care facilities will perform clinical trials. For a number of forms of cancer, research would consider the advantages of proton therapy over photon therapy, including:

  • Cancer of the breast
  • Cancers of the Head and Neck
  • Cancer of the prostate

Proton Beam Therapy New York

Proton Beam Therapy New York

proton beam therapy new york